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How to bring the outside into your bathroom

During this period of the year, we tend to spend a lot of time inside. We miss the long, hot days of summer, and yearn for the return of al fresco living. But there are ways to ease autumn/winter’s feel of doom and gloom. You simply need to bring a sense of the outside in. Not only is this a key home trend this season, it’s one of the best ways to alleviate cabin fever. Read on to discover how best to bring the outside into your bathroom. It’s a great way to indulge in a mini-makeover, and raise your spirits with a year-end revamp.

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Greenery is huge this season, and it’s a trend that works everywhere, including your bathroom. So don’t be afraid to harness the power of plants. Introducing nature to any room is a fast-track way to create a contemporary design statement. It also establishes instant calm, soul and serenity – especially if space is restricted.

The really good news is that most bathrooms represent a great environment for plants. The reason why? All that moisture. But do choose your greenery with care. For example, low-maintenance air plants are ideal. Daily showers will provide the humidity/misting they need to thrive. So you won’t even be obliged to water them!

Many bathrooms (especially cloakrooms and en-suites) don’t receive a lot of direct sunlight. So it’s worth doing some research, then selecting plants that don’t need plentiful sunshine. Spider plants, ivy and bamboo are great choices for your bathroom. Ferns are another excellent option. They’re hardy, low-maintenance, long-lasting and affordable and a great way to bring the outside into your bathroom.

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Another reason to introduce some greenery to your bathroom is that certain plants actively improve air quality. This can reduce the occurrence of mould that excess moisture often causes. And it literally delivers a breath of fresh air to what can sometimes be a stale, stuffy environment.

Peace lilies are some of the most effective air purifying plants around. They help to filter out harmful benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde toxins. They also look fabulous, love humidity, and thrive in low light conditions.

If you’re after some edge (and don’t like creepy crawlies), why not experiment with a carnivorous plant? They flourish in a humid climate, so bathrooms are a surprisingly suitable location. But most need a decent light source, so make sure you can accommodate this before you take the plunge!

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Once you’ve made the decision to go green, you’ll need to decide how to style your succulents. If you’re keen to make a statement and bring the outside into your bathroom, think big. More is more. If you have the space, group together clusters of plants. There’s no need to settle for one small plant on a shelf. Mix and match different varieties and sizes, in interesting pots and planters. You can focus the location around a specific area – your bath, for example. Or think about creating layers with hanging planters. These can deliver a cool, quirky touch and are also a good option if your bathroom is small.

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Another great way to bring the outside into your bathroom is with wallpaper. A statement nature-themed wall is a fast, easy way to revamp a room and freshen up your interior. Floral, plant and tree designs can truly transform your space, and transport you into a different environment.

A nature scene with calm, muted tones is an easy way to create a tranquil and relaxing mood. A water theme of some kind is an obvious choice for a bathroom. Think reflective lake panoramas or still sea scenes. Conversely, if you’d like to energise your space, consider a flowing river or dynamic waterfall motif.

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Natural materials, such as wood and stone, are stylish, on-trend – and the perfect way to evoke the great outdoors. Many people have concerns that wood won’t work in such a high-moisture setting. But with the right care and maintenance, wood can be an ideal choice for your bathroom flooring.

Wood is tactile as well as beautiful, and instantly evokes an al fresco vibe. The added bonus? Wooden furniture also helps to make your bathroom feel warm, comfortable and inviting.

One of the most popular ways to tap into this bathroom trend is with a wooden vanity unit. This type of furniture doesn’t just look stunning, it’s a great way to maximise storage. Complementing wooden units with wooden accessories such as toilet seats, adds extra coherence and consistency.

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Natural stone sanitaryware, furniture and tiles add a touch of luxury to any bathroom, while still evoking an open, outdoor ambience. Marble, granite, limestone and slate are all popular choices. Natural stone incorporates unique markings and rich finishes, to elevate your bathroom into something special. However, it does require a certain level of care and maintenance, so make sure you do your research.

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If you’re short on time (or pennies), get creative with accessories. Adorn your walls with floral/botanical prints and pictures to bring the outside into your bathroom. Add some interest to your bathroom with a fun, plant-inspired vase or sculpture. Liven up your shelves with natural decorative pieces such as shells, faux coral and driftwood. And make friends with fabric. A tropical shower curtain or floral/plant-themed towels will add an instant dash of the outdoors to your bathroom, without blowing your budget.

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