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Choosing the right bath type for your bathroom suite

0When it comes to bathroom suites, the bath itself is usually the centrepiece.

The right bath can completely transform a bathroom. It can add layers of luxury, provide the perfect place to unwind, and even create a relaxing environment for the kids’ bathtime.

If you are completely renovating your bathroom suite we recommend familiarizing yourself with the types of baths available, but we know that finding the perfect bath for you can be a tricky process. It’s a big investment and certainly not a decision to take lightly.

Luckily, we are on hand to guide you through this process to help you find the perfect bathtub for your needs.

In this blog we will cover everything you need to consider before choosing which bath type to have in your suite, and help make this important decision that much easier.

What types of baths are available?

Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one for you can be quite daunting!

But don’t get disheartened: we’ve put together some visual inspiration to help you get a feel for the types and shapes of baths there are to choose from.

Freestanding baths

To put it simply a freestanding bath, as the name suggests, is a bathtub that stands alone and isn’t built into any of the walls.


Freestanding baths really are the epitome of luxury and elegance.

If you are looking to impress your guests then this style of bath definitely has the wow-factor.

Whilst considered quite a traditional design, it is incredibly versatile and is equally at home in a modern styled bathroom suite.

What a bathroom suite with a freestanding bath looks like

Whether you are opting for a traditional or modern approach to the design of your bathroom suite, a freestanding bath is a grand statement.

With that in mind you may wish to make the fixtures less prominent, whilst keeping with the style, to keep that bathtub as the main focal point.


This suite from Victorian Bathrooms 4 U demonstrates how you can really showcase your bathtub. By keeping the other fixtures a little more simple, this bathroom simply exudes spaciousness and opulence.

Corner baths

Unsurprisingly, a corner bath fits into one corner of your bathroom.

This is an excellent bathtub solution for modestly sized bathrooms, and allows you to enjoy a full sized bath without compromising on space.


Sheek and stylish, clean and classy: if you are going for a modern or minimalist approach for your new bathroom suite then a corner bath really ticks all the boxes.

What a bathroom suite with a corner bath looks like

As previously mentioned a corner bath is ideal if you are thinking modern and minimalist, so marrying up your other fixtures with this design is key.


In the bathroom suite above you can see how the designer has taken the shape of the bathtub and matched the other fixtures accordingly.

You can see that with the shape of this particular tub it could easily be installed into a smaller bathroom preventing the space from becoming cramped and allowing you to indulge in a proper full-length bath.

L shaped baths

Spoiler alert! An “L shaped bath” is in fact a bath in the shape of an “L”!

This bath shape is brilliant for awkwardly shaped or smaller bathrooms. It gives you extra room for a shower fixture, allowing you to make the most out of the space you have.


In the example above you can see how that little extra width at one end can combine function with fashion.

Aesthetically pleasing, this bath also allows you to shower or bathe with ease even in the most compact of bathrooms.

What a bathroom suite with an L shaped bath looks like

Whilst an L shaped bath is great for smaller bathrooms it also fits beautifully in a larger contemporary bathroom suite too.


Much like with the corner bathroom suite, coupling the fixtures with the L shaped bath is key.

Think bold square and rectangle shapes. This style works particularly well with art-deco design, as shown above, and can really make your bathroom suite stand out.

P shaped baths

This tub is similar to an L shaped bath, differing only by the fact that one end is rounded rather than straight.

As with the L shape, the P shape offers more room at one end making it a great for a shower bath combo, giving you more space to move.


In this example you can see how, by adding in a small cupboard, you have a small storage area making this type of suite ideal for smaller bathrooms.

This is a great family bath and perfect if you don’t have the space for seperate shower.

What a bathroom suite with a P shaped bath looks like

Bathroom suites with a P shaped bath are ideal for someone looking to create a modern design.

If you are going for a minimalist style then we definitely recommend considering this bath type.


Here you can see the designer has accentuated the bathtubs style by pairing it with fixtures with curved edges. Even the shower screen is curved, giving this bathroom suite a satisfying, contemporary aesthetic.

Keeping the other fixtures along the wall opens up the bathroom so you can avoid making your bathroom feel cramped or too busy.

Roll-top baths

A roll-top bath is a freestanding bath with curved edges making it a lot more comfortable than traditional baths which tend to have sharper edges.

Roll-top baths also tend to be raised on legs, as this helps to keep the floor dry and prevent rot.

Usually, roll-top baths are made out of cast iron making it extremely durable. The cast iron is much thicker than other materials used for baths and this makes it a much better insulator. You will no longer have to keep topping your bath up with hot water making it much more economical and eco-friendly.


These charming baths ooze grandness and glamour and, as they are often much deeper than other styles of baths, you can really sink in and soak away all your worries and stress.

What a bathroom suite with a roll-top bath looks like

With a bath as elegant and opulent as roll-top bath, the suite you choose should definitely reflect and compliment this style.

If you are taking a more traditional approach then a roll-top bath will utterly transform your bathroom.


Here you can see that the bath is the star of the show, demanding to be admired. In this design the sense of luxury is emphasized further with the use of his and hers sinks.

Aside from the bath the other fixtures are elegant but understated allowing the bath to take the stage and shine.

Square baths

As you would expect, square baths are bathtubs that are square in shape.

Because of their shape, square baths are far more spacious and allow you to utilise a bathroom corner allowing more space for other fixtures.

Majestic and modern, this style of bath is sure to impress your guests.


This design really gives you the feel of being in a swanky hotel so why not have that feeling every single day?

The clean, straight lines make this bath style edgy and arty. The deep, wide dimensions of this bath mean you can really wallow in the soapy waters.

What a bathroom suite with a square bath looks like

A bathroom suite with a square bath is instantly going to look very contemporary. With this in mind, you are going to want to pair it with fixtures that are in a similar vein to keep your bathroom feeling fresh, current, and cool.

There will be emphasis on symmetry and simplicity, possibly channelling some seriously serene Japanese themed vibes.

Features will be understated and uncomplicated, keeping the square bath as the main focal point.

A square bath can be a real statement and the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

Bubbling with excitement for your new bathroom suite?

As you can see there really is a perfect bath for any bathroom, whether it’s traditional or modern, big or small. We hope this blog has left you brimming with inspiration and ready to choose the perfect bathtub for your bathroom suite.

So make your bathroom dreams a reality, get designing and reward yourself with a long, luxurious bubble bath when you’re done!

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