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Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas To Get That Country Rustic Style

Gone are the days when this style would only be seen in a literal farm house.  Now, the farmhouse theme has become a popular decor choice within both traditional and modern households.

And if you happen to live in the city, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the cosy laid back feel a country cottage. The farmhouse theme lends itself beautifully to bathrooms of any size.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, let us clarify…

What do we mean by Farmhouse?

This is a style immediately recognisable by its warmth, its age worn finishes, and a strong emphasis on sturdy materials like wood and steel.  Exposed joints and tendons, and furniture with a “thick cut” aesthetic all play a role in achieving this woodsy look. 

For the antique collectors and craft market fans among you, this theme is an opportunity to get really imaginative with your decor, and to inject a real sense of character and old school charm into your bathroom.

So whether you want just a touch of the style or to go all out country rustic, this blog will guide you through all the you need to know and help you create your perfect farmhouse style bathroom.

What do Farmhouse bathrooms look like?

Although this theme requires a few key elements to capture the look, it still leaves a lot open to personal style and choice.  Whether you want a cosy, warm feel or something a bit more minimalist and modern, the farmhouse style can easily be integrated beautifully.

Farmhouse bathroom traditional


Here is a classic example of a traditional farmhouse bathroom.  Note the recurrent use of wood and the neutral colour scheme which keeps the room light and airy. The counter top bowl sink combined with the old fashioned tap really sets the tone and the addition of plants and flowers lend an undeniable countryside feel.

Farmhouse bathroom modern


This bathroom exudes modern elegance with its minimalist design yet still keeps the country rustic theme with the free standing bath, wooden panels and traditional fittings. The white brickwork tiles in the shower subtly accentuate the farmhouse style and once again the use of plants give you a flavour of the countryside.  If you are fortunate enough to have large windows and good sized room to work with, avoiding clutter and keeping the colour scheme light and bright will give you a beautiful fresh, clean look, and the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Farmhouse bathroom sanded wood


One of the easiest ways to achieve that rustic country look is to furnish the room with unvarnished wood.  Bathroom cabinets, towel racks, mirror frames and even toilet seats are perfect opportunities to thread this theme throughout your bathroom. Sanding the wood to give it a more aged appearance will only add to the effect, allowing you to create a homey, farmhouse feel.

Farmhouse bathroom shelving


Another great way to produce those rustic country vibes is to experiment with dimensions and layers. Installing wooden shelves and adorning them with carefully chosen ornaments is an extremely effective way to generate the farmhouse aesthetic. Including candles are a simple way to provide traditional lighting and help you accomplish an authentic, comforting decor. 

Farmhouse bathroom mason jars


Upcycling is an eco-friendly and quirky way to breathe life into your country bathroom, not to mention helping to creatively way cut costs for the more budget conscious among you. Jam jars are a trendy and affordable alternative for storing your toothbrush and other bits and pieces.  Old wicker and wire baskets are a perfect home for your fresh soft towels. An old dresser could even be turned into a beautiful counter.

With a little bit of ingenuity a zinc bucket or tub could be transformed into a sink basin and even an empty baked beans can, stripped of its packaging, can become adorable plant pot. The only limit is your imagination.

What Elements work best to achieve a Farmhouse bathroom?

Choosing the right elements for your farmhouse bathroom is key and relies on you having a good vision of what you are hoping to achieve and just how country you planning to go!

Whether you want to just add a rustic taste, or for it to feel like you’ve literally just stepped back in time, there are plenty of ways to bring this theme to life.

 Farmhouse bathroom freestanding bath

A freestanding copper bath can lend itself to both a modern or a traditional styled bathroom and instantly adds a real touch of character.

Paired with bare wood and exposed beams, this will immediately conjure up thoughts of days gone by when things were a little more simple, while still achieving a feel of elegance.

This is a real statement piece and will certainly be a talking point among guests!

Farmhouse bathroom barrel basin


An old fashioned barrel thoroughly embodies rustic country living and is a charming alternative to a more conventional sink.

Cabinets can be fitted within to compensate for the more modest surface area at the top, and while it certainly would be at home in a traditional setting,  it could still easily be incorporated into a bathroom with a more modern feel.

Coupling a barrel with neutral paint for the walls, and tiles instead of wood for the floor, will lift it out of the past and land it boldly in the modern age, whilst keeping perfectly with the farmhouse theme.

Farmhouse bathroom vintage tap


Pitcher pump faucets are a timeless and elegant option when considering which elements you want to incorporate into your farmhouse bathroom.

They come in all kinds of finishes, from metallic silver, to dull black, copper, gold, red… The list goes on, making this tap a simple and understated way to achieve a subtle farmhouse look.

Farmhouse bathroom lighting


When it comes to light fixtures that fit the farmhouse style, anything that draws comparison with oil lamps or lanterns are certainly a safe bet.  

This vintage aesthetic will make your bathroom ooze with sophistication.  Whether you hunt through antique shops or opt for something with a more modern twist, you will find that these lights instantly set the perfect country atmosphere. 

Farmhouse bathroom sliding door


Nothing says country living like a traditional barn door!  

You can give it a modern twist by putting it on a sliding rail instead of a standard hinge, add an extra layer of elegance to your en-suite.

 You might not have been born in a barn but you can certainly pretend you are bathing in one!

Which colours work best in a Farmhouse bathroom?

As a general rule of thumb neutral, muted colours tend to lend themselves and best set the tone for farmhouse bathrooms.

As dark wood is often a popular material chosen for this theme, combining it with lighter coloured paint or tiles will prevent the room from feeling dark, heavy, or cramped.

That said, don’t feel you are restricted to whites or beiges. There are lots of gorgeous, understated colours to choose from to accentuate your country rustic look.

Pale greens, greys, blues – and even pinks – are all wonderful tones for this theme, and you aren’t confined to using just one. 

Farmhouse bath turquoise


Although it may look a little more traditional, don’t feel you have to keep any wooden surfaces natural. You can still achieve the farmhouse look just as effectively by choosing different colours for these surfaces, as seen in the bathroom above.

Likewise, don’t feel you have to shy away from patterns.  One wall with a traditional motif or choosing a complementary pattern for a tiled floor can have a real impact and take your bathroom from drab to fab.

We recommend choosing no more than three core colours to avoid the scheme from becoming too busy and loud.  Opt for one dark colour and one or two lighter shades. This will keep the look and style fresh and clean.

As you can see there are a wealth of colours and finishes that will make your bathroom truly pop.

There you have it…

Hopefully this blog has given you tonnes of inspiration for this ever-growing, popular theme.  This style is the perfect opportunity to get creative and think a little bit outside of the box.

Remember to be sparing when it comes to ornaments and accessories as it is certainly possible to go overboard and end up with a cluttered room. That said, with a good eye you can easily achieve a homey, rustic, luxurious finish.

Whether you go all out or just use a gentle touch, we know you will thoroughly enjoy designing and creating your perfect farmhouse bathroom.

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