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Radiators might seem like a strange thing to be thinking about in August while its this hot. But, trust us, it’s best to plan ahead as Autumn will be upon us before we know it. As a result, where heating is concerned, it’s never a good idea to leave things until the last moment. So it’s time to channel your inner Scout and Be Prepared!

These days there are so many different types of bathroom radiators and heated towel rails to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. Performance of course is key but you’ll also want to select a style that complements your bathroom décor and design (and suits your budget). So there are a lot of factors to consider.


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The power of three

First of all, you need to familiarise yourself with the three basic types of bathroom radiator: standard, electric and dual fuel. A central heating or plumbed radiator or just other terms for a standard radiator. With this system, your boiler heats the water within it and delivers it to your radiators via your pipework. With an electric radiator, the electric element heats a thermodynamic fluid inside. You can plug these into the nearest socket (safety permitting) or wire them directly to your mains supply. Dual fuel bathroom radiators combine the best of both worlds. They are usually standard central heating radiators that incorporate a mains-powered ‘summer heating setting’. Therefore, you can benefit from a hot radiator in your bathroom, even if your central heating is turned off.

Understanding BTU

When you’re shopping for a bathroom radiator, sooner or later you’re bound to come across the acronym BTU. It stands for British Thermal Unit, and it’s basically a measure of heat output from a radiator. In simple terms, the higher the BTU, the hotter your radiator can get. Different factors such as room size and number of windows influence how much heat you’ll need. But don’t worry! It’s standard practice to use the BTU calculator to work out the heat requirement for your bathroom, and the number/type of radiator you’ll need to comfortably heat it.

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The trad rad

Period-style bathrooms cry out for a classic, traditional radiator design, such as our Burlington Bloomsbury Radiator. We think this steel radiator is the embodiment of heritage charm and it works with hot water (closed) central heating systems too. This model is available with an optional summer electric heating kit, so you can enjoy warm, fluffy towels all year round.

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Size and shape

Once you’ve sorted out which style of bathroom radiator you’d like, you need to be realistic about the size and shape. Most household radiators are horizontal i.e. wider than they are tall. However, those are not always the most practical dimensions for a bijou bathroom! By contrast, vertical radiators are tall, space saving and double up nicely as a decorative feature.

If you’re keen to make a style statement with your bathroom radiator, look no further than the Bauhaus Essence 550mm Curved Flat Panel Towel Rail. Featuring rectangular bars with a delicate curve, it’s a sleek, chic option that works well with a variety of different bathroom styles.

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If your tastes are a little more minimalist, our Phoenix Athena Stainless Steel Radiator could fit the bill. Available in a range of sizes, from 350mm to 600mm, it’s offered in both standard and electric versions. So this means it can be heated independently of your central heating system.

On the subject of size, big isn’t always better. You’ve probably heard of a Jack and Jill bathroom – so why not consider ‘his and hers’ radiators too? In a smaller space, two compact, matching radiators can look neater and more stylish than one big one. It’s easier to keep your towels separate, too!

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Heat and light

In a world where multi-tasking is the norm, today’s bathroom radiator can do much more than keep you (and your towels) warm. We love the striking look of our Hudson Reed Revive Single Panel Radiator With Mirror. Its clever design allows you to maximise your space and it also delivers an exceptional heat output.

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Small is beautiful

It used to be rather tricky trying to find the right radiator to accommodate a cloakroom or en-suite. But these days, there are plenty of specialist model designs available with smaller spaces in mind. For example, our Zehnder AX Sap Designer Cloakroom Radiator is available in a range of stunning finishes, to complement all bathroom shapes and sizes. Why not browse our full website and revamp your radiator today!

Once you’ve sorted out your heating, are you on the lookout for an element of luxury in your bathroom? Then, why not check out this blog post on How to install a TV in this space.

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