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Modern bathroom suites: A design guide

A modern bathroom suite oozes sophistication and style. It’s cool, classy and contemporary.

So if your current bathroom is looking dated, then a modern bathroom suite is just the ticket to kick it into the 21st century.

But what makes a modern bathroom modern?

If you aren’t familiar with this style, a modern bathroom will tend to incorporate straight clean lines, geometric shapes, and a minimalist approach when it comes to fixtures, colour scheme, and decor.

While understanding this is helpful, the actual process of designing your contemporary bathroom suite can feel like a monumental task. With this in mind, we have put together a complete guide to designing your modern bathroom to help set you on the path to perfection.

What’s the difference between modern and traditional bathroom suites?

Understanding the difference between modern and traditional bathroom suites is the first step to help you get to grips with what you should be aiming for when designing in a contemporary style.

A traditional bathroom suite will be heavily influenced by specific periods in time such as the Victorian or Georgian period. 


This example of a traditional bathroom feels inherently vintage. Note the freestanding copper bath, the old fashioned toilet with the long chain, and the extravagant chandelier.

The designer has included antique ornaments and separate fixtures for the hot and cold taps to really accentuate this bygone theme. 

So what does a modern bathroom suite look like?

When it comes to modern bathrooms, however, simplicity is the key. Out with the clutter, and in with the sleek and the chic.

That said, there isn’t one golden standard for what a modern bathroom suite should look like. With this in mind, we’ve put together some visual inspiration to help you with your designing process and familiarise you with this effortlessly cool style.

Open plan modern bathroom suite

When it comes to modern bathroom suites, choosing an open plan design is a reliable way to achieve those chic, vogue vibes.

You want to maximise your space and eliminate all the clutter and chaos.


In this example the designer has taken every opportunity to create a spacious, clean and simple approach.

Surrounding the shower with transparent glass expands the space and the muted colour palette keeps things fresh and edgy.

With the exception of one well-placed plant, the decor is kept to the bare minimum, exuding an understated elegance, and begging you to come in and enjoy some serious relaxation.

Geometric modern bathroom suite

When it comes to designing your contemporary bathroom suite harnessing the power of geometry will help you create a slick, refined look.

Strong square, rectangular, hexagonal, and other geometric shapes will give your bathroom a bold, streamline look.


With this modern bathroom suite the designer has accentuated the geometric shapes with thick black lines, giving it a satisfyingly sharp appearance.

Here they have opted for metro tiles, a rectangular sink and a purely black and white colour scheme.

The use of plants have also been implemented, lightly softening the design and heightening the glamourous, luxurious tones.

Japanese themed modern bathroom suite

If you are dreaming of transforming your bathroom into your very own spa, then opting for a Japanese-themed modern bathroom suite could be the way to go.

When it comes to a minimalist approach the Japanese style has it totally covered.


Here the focal point is definitely the freestanding stone bath. 

Although many people expect freestanding baths to be purely traditional, it is absolutely possible to include one in a contemporary bathroom suite.

The natural wood and stone complement each other sublimely, whilst the depth of the sink and bath fill the atmosphere with luxuriously zen feels.

This modern bathroom suite is truly the epitome of balance, serenity, and peace.

Futuristic modern bathroom suite

If you are particularly worried about your bathroom going out of fashion – or you’re really wishing to push the boat out – then why not consider a futuristic modern bathroom suite?


Here the minimalist approach continues to reign and the colour scheme remains simple yet seriously effective.

The designer has kept the walls and floor clean and white whilst the bathroom suite is all in a matte black. 

The deep, blue under lighting really solidifies this futuristic style and takes this modern bathroom suite to infinity and beyond.

Modern cloakroom bathroom suite

Even with the most modestly sized bathroom, you can still create a beautifully modern look, in fact, this style is ideal for compact bathroom spaces.


With this mini-minimalist modern bathroom suite the designer has gone above and beyond to utilize the space available. 

The elements are kept white, the fixtures black, and the shapes are streamlined, trim and trendy.

The well-placed mirror helps to create the illusion of extra length and depth, making this a satisfyingly simple solution to help you revamp even the smallest of bathrooms.

If you’d like to learn more about the amazing things that can be done with a compact bathroom, you can check out our blog on how to design cloakroom bathroom suites for small spaces here.

What should I consider before deciding to get a modern bathroom suite?

The main factor when it comes to deciding if a modern bathroom suite for you is whether it fits with your house as a whole.

If you have a household that is more traditional in design and decor then a contemporary bathroom is likely to look out of place, and won’t compliment your home.

If, however, your house has modern aesthetics and features, a modern bathroom suite will be the perfect option for you.

Which design styles count as modern?

The buzzword for this article has to be minimalist! 

The bath or shower will usually be the focal point for a modern bathroom suite. Opt for streamline and symmetrical designs. These features should feel spacious and luxurious.

If you are installing a shower, there are a wealth of options available for the perfect modern bathroom suite. Whether you want a mixer shower, a panel shower, or a thermostatic temperature control there really is something for everyone.

If it’s a bath you desire, then think about those geometric shapes. Squares and rectangles will complement the modern style. You might even want to consider a whirlpool or jacuzzi bath to really cement that a la mode vibe.

With fixtures, choose singular taps that dispel both hot and cold water, keeping things edgy and efficient. Lever controls are also quintessentially modern: nobody will be turning taps in the future.

When it comes to decor, stick to a basic yet punchy colour scheme. Choose one neutral colour to be the guiding force, then accentuate with a darker shade to accentuate the shapes you want to create.

What design elements should I incorporate into my modern bathroom?

By now you should be starting to see a trend when it comes to the elements you can include in a modern bathroom, but let’s round things up just in case.

    • Minimalist elements: with all the examples above you can see how clean and open the bathroom spaces are. Avoid clustering fixtures too closely together and including cleverly concealed storage space will help you to keep everything out of sight and out of mind.


  • Floating elements: floating vanities, toilets, and sinks create the illusion of space and are a pivotal component of modern design. Adding strip or spot lighting below these elements will further enhance that high fashion, modernistic feel.
  • Geometric elements: by using geometric shapes for your elements and fixtures you can artfully create a linear structured modern bathroom suite that radiates elegance and style.
  • Freestanding elements: a freestanding bath can transform a bathroom from sparse to spa. Steer clear of bathtubs with legs and claws as this will swiftly send you straight back to the Victorian period. Instead, opt for sleek and simple designs with uncomplicated fixtures. A well-chosen, modern, freestanding bath will be the centrepiece for your bathroom and a real statement.


So let’s go from mundane to modern!

After reading this blog,  you should have all the information you need to convert your bathroom into the modernistic bathroom suite of your dreams!

Remember to take things step by step, optimize on space, and avoid going overboard with ornaments. This should be a place of calm and tranquillity.

Whatever the shape or size of your bathroom, there will be the perfect contemporary bathroom suite just for you. So get on board and get with the times and transform your bathroom into a modern-day paradise.

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