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Nice things come in small packages: how to design cloakroom bathroom suites for small spaces

It’s fair to say that cloakroom bathrooms are probably the most overlooked room in our houses. Our guest bathrooms and ensuite bathrooms tend to get all the attention, and we spend a lot of time choosing the right aesthetic to complement our households. 

Traditionally a cloakroom bathroom was just for guests that were visiting, not staying, and this meant their design tended to be basic and purely functional. These days many cloakroom bathrooms have simply become a storage space: somewhere to hang coats, dump your wellington boots, and to keep the hoover out of sight.

But, what if you want your under-the-stairs-bathroom to be more than just a storage space? What if you want it to be a statement piece?

This blog will guide you through everything you need to know about how to bring your small downstairs bathroom to its full potential, proving that nice things really do come in small packages.

What is a cloakroom bathroom suite

If you are not familiar with the term, a “cloakroom” refers to a  bathroom in a confined space, often below the stairs. It will always contain a toilet, usually a small washbasin and, occasionally, a shower and/or bath

When asked to imagine a cloakroom bathroom the majority of us probably picture a small, low lit room, a basic toilet, a collection of mops, and potentially a family of spiders.


Yikes! Not a welcoming prospect! But with the right suite, your cloakroom bathroom can be transformed from dingy and drab to funky and fab

What can a cloakroom bathroom suite look like?

We’ve put together some inspiring cloakroom and small bathroom suite ideas that will help you make the most out of even the most modest of spaces.


In this design the style has been kept traditional and minimalistic. Keeping the walls and fixtures white keeps the room feeling light and bright, whilst a carefully placed mirror reflecting the window gives the illusion of spaciousness.

Keeping your small cloakroom suite uncluttered with paintings, photos or other decorations will help to keep your downstairs bathroom from feeling cramped. 


Many cloakroom bathrooms are not fortunate enough to have a window to let in natural light. 

In this art-deco styled downstairs toilet the designer has chosen bright white lights to illuminate the room and make the colours and patterns pop.

Not only does art-deco scream glamour and luxury, but the style is also minimalistic. It demands that clutter be left at the door, making it perfect for compact bathrooms.

Once again we see the use of a large mirror that really helps to open up the space. The white fixtures and brick tiled walls also help to make the dimensions seem bigger and wider.


So we’ve covered the benefit of minimalist styled bathrooms, but what if minimalism simply isn’t you?

While keeping things simple and basic has its upsides, don’t feel like this is the only option when designing your small cloakroom bathroom. You can absolutely create a small bathroom that reflects your personality! 

Here the designer has opted for a bright, bold colour scheme and gone wild with the leopard print vanity unit. The quirky decorations bring the room to life without making the space feel claustrophobic, proving that even the smallest of bathrooms can still razzle-dazzle your guests!


You might not want to go all out but instead just spice up your cloakroom bathroom. 

Why not marry the wild to the minimalist as pictured above. The fixtures and brick wall tiles remain clean, simple and white, whilst the walls have been decorated with bright, bold, exciting wallpaper. 

This is the perfect option for someone who wants to keep the room minimalistic whilst still reflecting their character.

The lively jungle wallpaper is a real statement, but you could equally choose one or two bold colours or a funky pattern. You can really let your imagination run wild!

Can I still have a bath in a small bathroom?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to designing and fitting a small bathroom. But worry not, you won’t have to go without those hot baths during the cold winter months.

Below we have put together some examples of baths specifically designed for tiny bathrooms.


This deep, oval-shaped bath fits so neatly in this narrow bathroom and what it lacks in length it certainly makes up in depth. 

Although you may not be able to recline fully in this tub, it’s so deep that it will still be possible to be fully submerged in it’s warm, soapy waters.

This is the perfect style if you’ve opted to design your small bathroom with a minimalistic approach. It also includes a shower so it really does tick a lot of boxes for your cloakroom bathroom.


This elegant, free-standing, old-fashioned, copper bath also makes up for width with a very impressive depth.

Not only does it save on space but this luxurious little bath really has the wow factor and is sure to be a talking point among your guests.

This would certainly look brilliant if you were decorating in a more quirky style but it’s an incredibly versatile bath and would look in great in most of the styles we have covered.


This built-in, compact little bath gives the aesthetic of a relaxing spa without compromising on space.

With steps leading up to the tub, you will be able to glide in with ease and wash away all your tension and stress.

With some well-placed candles and a good book, this will quickly become your favourite place to unwind.

This option also has a shower, turning your confined cloakroom bathroom into an all-round, beautiful bathroom.


This little beauty really shows that even the smallest cloakroom can still be blessed with a bath.

This option would only allow you to sit but if you are really pushed for space then this tub is ideal and would additionally work splendidly for the kids’ bathtime or for elderly guests who struggle with stairs.

This design would work well with more or less any decor and, if desired, a shower could certainly also be fitted to make it all the more functional. 


This fitted corner bathtub is a serious space saver. Fitting neatly next to the other fixtures, the shape allows you maximum width, length and depth for a bath in a small room without leaving you feeling cramped. 

Including a metal toiletry holder across the tub, as pictured above, will allow you to store your toiletries without adding shelves or taking up more space.

This is perfect for a particularly narrow cloakroom and really allows you to get the most out of the room.

What to consider when choosing your cloakroom bathroom suite

Now you’ve seen some visual inspiration, here are the distilled insights to help you choose the perfect cloakroom bathroom suite for you.

  • Dimensions! Obviously you are working with a smaller space so you really need to get out that measuring tape and make sure you know exactly what you are working with before choosing your bathroom suite.
  • Traditional or modern? Deciding on the style will influence what decor and fixtures you will want so make sure you have a strong vision of what you want your cloakroom bathroom to look like. Whether you are going bold or minimalistic, this is an important decision to make before installing your bathroom suite.
  • Let there be light! The last thing you want is a poorly lit cloakroom bathroom. If you have a window with natural light then that is an added benefit but you should also consider how you want your bathroom to be lit so you and your guests can enjoy it in all its glory.
  • Do you want a bath? As previously mentioned it is entirely possible to have a bathtub in your small bathroom. If you do opt for this, however, make sure you take into account the dimensions of the other fixtures to ensure that you have adequate space.

Once you have ticked off all those boxes you are ready to start your cloakroom bathroom’s transformation.

Where to buy bathroom suites?

We’re glad you asked!

Here at Victorian Bathrooms 4 U we specialise in a whole range of bathroom suites, including bathroom suites for small bathrooms.

You can find bathroom suites perfect for your cloakroom bathroom and much more here!


Hopefully by now you can see how endless the possibilities are for your little cloakroom bathroom and you are positively bubbling with excitement.

Whatever your tastes, let your imagination run wild and create the perfect aesthetic to showcase your personal sense of style.

At last, your tiny bathroom can go from forgotten to unforgettable.

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