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Traditional bathroom suites: A design guide

Traditional bathrooms really are timeless. The epitome of luxury and elegance.

If you aren’t familiar with the style, traditional bathrooms suites are cool and classic, taking heaps of inspiration from vintage design, and often making use of natural materials.

If you are hoping to create your very own oasis of opulence, then a traditional bathroom will tick all of your boxes.

But it can be hard to know where to start if you decide to go traditional. There are many different styles of traditional bathroom suites and finding the one that is right for you can feel like a monumental task.

You are in luck, however! This blog will help you get to grips with what style makes a bathroom traditional, help you see how you can put your unique spin on it, and set you on the road to designing the perfect traditional bathroom suite for your home.

What’s the difference between traditional and modern bathroom suites?

Whilst traditional bathrooms exude splendour and luxury, modern bathrooms tend to be more understated and minimalist.

With a contemporary bathroom suite, you can expect to see power showers, shower towers, and a sleek finish.


With this modern bathroom, you can see the designer has kept the lines clean, sharp, and rectangular. The colour scheme is predominantly white and black, the decor simplistic, and the fixtures streamlined and stylish.

So what does a traditional bathroom suite look like?

As previously mentioned, there are many styles of design that meet the requirements of being considered a traditional bathroom suite.

We’ve put together some visual inspiration to help you decipher what qualifies as traditional.

Keep in mind that this design is still flexible. Styles can be mixed and matched, and there is nothing to stop you using your own personal flair when it comes to the designing process.

Victorian bathroom suite

As the name would suggest, this traditional bathroom suite is influenced by bathrooms of the Victorian period.

Think clawed, decadent bathtubs, old-style toilets with high cisterns and long metal chains, and Victorian themed patterns.


In this bathroom note how the designer has combined metro walls as well as unfinished wood to capture the Victorian aesthetic.

The fixtures have separate hot and cold taps, and the colour scheme has largely been kept to white and black.

The decor has been kept classic and minimalist with the vintage chandelier and framed butterflies, which gives this traditional bathroom suite a clean and edgy look.

Edwardian bathroom suite

For Edwardian designers, this iconic style ushered in a welcome change after the lavish but stern Victorian times. 

Metro tiles were out, and instead, the focus turned to spring-themed colour palettes. Soft yellows, duck egg, and lilac became all the rage as well as elegant floral wallpaper.

The key to this design is to create a light and breezy atmosphere, making this traditional bathroom suite fresh and freeing.


In this example you can see that the clawed bath remains in fashion but, with the natural light and pastel-coloured walls, this bathroom has a charming and gentle ambience: quite different from the striking Victorian style.

Here the designer has opted to keep all the fixtures white, and the decor remains quite minimalist.

Edwardian bathroom suites are a superb option if you’ve got large windows to let in glorious, natural light. Installing a stained glass window is a great way to ensure your privacy while heightening those springtime vibes.

Georgian bathroom suites 

The Georgian era began in 1714 and spans all the way to the 1830s. It’s named for the succession of King Georges who reigned during those years.

Elegance and simplicity are the key factors when it comes to designing and Georgian bathroom suite.

Symmetry, balance and proportion rule over the designing process and whilst ornamentation was included it was done so with restraint. 


Here the designer has made use of muted yet endlessly elegant tones. The wallpaper is beautiful yet understated, making the bath the main focal point.

The marble floors make this Edwardian bathroom suite feel luxurious and calming, welcoming you towards the lavish bath.

The large window lets in a glorious amount of natural light and the two plants on either side keep with the symmetry so loved by during the Georgian period.

Even with a more modestly sized bathroom, you would still be able to replicate much of this design to transform your bathroom into your own personal spa.

Old fashioned bathroom suites

This is a fairly broad term and could describe any bathroom from years gone by.

One good example of this would be a farmhouse bathroom. Though probably not considered glamorous at the time, this style of bathroom has made a serious comeback


If you want your traditional bathroom to ooze character, then this old fashioned farmhouse bathroom suite is an excellent example of how to achieve that.

Wooden floors, exposed beams, and neutral tones create a charming and traditional aesthetic proving that some things never go out of fashion.

What should I consider before deciding to get a traditional bathroom suite?

The main thing you should consider when deciding whether to invest in a traditional bathroom suite is whether this style fits into the overarching design of your home.

If your house is predominantly modern aesthetically, then installing a traditionally styled bathroom suite might be a bit jarring and create a conflict of styles.

If, however, your house has a more traditional theme, then a traditional bathroom suite will compliment your home beautifully.  

Which design styles count as traditional?

Although not compulsory, as you will have seen with many of the traditional bathroom suite examples above, a freestanding bath definitely sets the tone for this classic style.

When it comes to fixtures, opting for separate hot and cold taps as well as considering natural materials for the toilet and flooring will emphasise this vintage theme.

Where decor is concerned, you can choose whether to keep things simple or go all out. Ornate vases, chandeliers, and artwork that remains in time with the period you have selected will accentuate your old fashioned bathroom suite.

Just remember, though, a traditional bathroom suite doesn’t mean you sacrifice all the benefits of modern bathroom design. You can still enjoy thermostatic showers with automatic temperature regulation, for example. The best bathroom suites – whatever the style – combine your desired aesthetic with all the developments in bathroom engineering.

What design elements should I incorporate into my traditional bathroom?

Your design elements will hinge on which period of time you want to emulate with your traditional bathroom suite. 

  • Victorian bathroom suite: when it comes to Victorian bathrooms incorporating a freestanding, clawed bath will immediately draw attention to the style. Metro tiles, a clean, minimalist colour scheme and the use of wood for the toilet will be key to helping you achieve this theme.
  • Edwardian bathroom suite: for this decadent style, a freestanding bath is still vital. However, for the colour scheme, you want to keep things light and warm. Gold fixtures, a chandelier and floral wallpaper, will all go a long way into capturing the tone for the perfect Edwardian bathroom suite.
  • Georgian bathroom suite: symmetry and simplicity is everything for this style. A muted colour scheme will amplify the Georgian essence. Think grand yet understated, splendid yet serene. The focal feature should ideally be the bathtub, so exercise restraint when it comes to ornaments and art.
  • Old fashioned bathroom suite: exposed wooden beams, unvarnished wooden floors and a light colour scheme will immediately create the desired vintage vibes. Copper baths, antique bathroom furniture, and simple lighting will help you harness the good old fashioned style.

So let’s get traditional!

Hopefully this blog has given you all the inspiration you need to transform your bathroom with a timeless and traditional suite.

Converting to a traditional bathroom suite may seem daunting and challenging at first, but it will be absolutely worth it. This revamp will be an exciting opportunity to combine all your designer flair, creativity, and artistic nature. 

Once you’ve decided on your style, why not head over and take a look at our traditional bathroom suites to help you find the perfect one for you.

Scoping out some antique shops and flea markets are also a brilliant way to find ornaments, lamps, and wall hangings to complement your chosen theme.

So get traditional and get on to creating the traditional bathroom of your dreams..

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