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Visual inspiration for black bathroom suites

Are you thinking of using black for your next bathroom suite? If so, good choice. We salute you.

A black bathroom suite is bold. Whatever you do, it’s almost guaranteed to be striking. But it takes time and effort to get it right – more so than you would expect with more ‘traditional’ colour schemes. For this reason alone, many people steer well away from this type of suite without giving it a second’s consideration. 

Persevere through this pressure, however, and you tap into a rich seam of bathroom design. A black bathroom suite can deliver style and elegance to your home. It can provide something a bit different, and there are plenty of stunning examples to vouch for this.

What does a black bathroom suite look like?

When visualising a black bathroom suite, the first thing that comes to mind might be complete darkness: black tiles, black floor, black paint on the ceiling, and black fixtures.

We’ll level with you: This is quite a hard style to pull off. 

Usually, a black bathroom suite uses black as the focal point of the design. It’s supported by and juxtaposed against other colours or other neutral tones like white and grey.

The visual inspiration below explores how different ratios between colours look, and the impact that different levels of prominence of black will deliver.


Here we have a crisp and elegant black bathroom suite. There’s plenty of white and grey on the walls and floor respectively. The bath, sink, and toilet are white as well. But cabinets are black, and so are the accents (taps, shower head, window frame, and so on). So while other shades are used, it’s clear that this bathroom suite was designed with black in mind.

If you want black in your bathroom but don’t want to go overboard, a suite like this may be right up your street.


If you want a little more black in your suite, you can adjust the ratios. Here the toilet, sink, and bath are white, just like above, but there’s more black on the walls and less support from other shades. This balance is elegant, modern, and refined, and leverages wooden grain to bring a bit more visual depth. There’s also patternation on the wallpaper to bring a bit of black to all surfaces without demanding wholly black walls. 

Breaking up colour through the use of patterns is a good way of working it into a room without it becoming overpowering, and this design trick is often used in bathroom suites.


Here the ratios are shifted again. You’ve got a solid black wall – something we’ve not seen yet but which is striking – complemented by textured grey. The bath is white, while the sink is part of a grey marble block, meaning this suite doesn’t have the uniformity in feature design we’ve seen elsewhere: Great proof that you can mix and match.

Two other features stand out here: First, the black taps. This is a bold and confident way of bringing black into your bathroom suite. Second, we have a hanging basket. You may wonder whether plants and natural themes can work against a bold black backdrop: Hopefully, this plant – and the refined ambience it brings – answers your question.


It’s no surprise that black bathroom suites are usually designed in the modern style. Black is effortlessly adept in this setting, so why not make the most of that fact?

Here black dominates the room, but subtly. Black lines separate white tiles. A black frame surrounds the mirror. The black lampshade ensures that even the light illuminating the room is encased in black. In short, while black isn’t used on the walls, it’s present in every aspect of the room’s design. Incredibly accomplished design, and definitely something you should draw inspiration from.


And last up, we have a picture for those of you wondering whether an all-black bathroom suite can work. Black tiles, black shelves, black floor, and dark grey pretty much everywhere else. The only non-grey or black features are the towels and the lightbulbs.

We think it works. We’d be interested to see what colour the toilet and bath are in this bathroom suite: White would work well to provide balance, but someone who’s gone so hard on the theme could just as easily have used black.

What elements work well in a black bathroom suite?

From the above, we’ve seen that black is relatively flexible. It should be said that it’s probably less flexible than other colours, but it can still function as the core of a bathroom suite.

In terms of features, fully-black toilets, baths, and sinks are unusual. They’re not something you see often: Usually, a black bathroom will use metallic fixtures, or perhaps ones that are white or grey. Silver metals will look great, as will brushed copper. 

Black lends itself best to modern design, as we said earlier. But you’re not out of luck if you want a traditional black bathroom suite. The taps below are a perfect example of how black flair can be added to traditional taps, even if you can’t have a wholly black tap unit.

When it comes to accessorising with black, you need to be careful with what you choose. Bright colours can quickly become overpowering with black. Note that in the images above, the only real colour we saw was green, from plants. 

There are good examples of black working well with colour. This is especially true if you’re willing to go bold and bring loud, confident colours into your room—a bright orange wall, for example, or a nice light blue.


Orange with black. This picture shows how the two can work together, although we did have to search through a fair few duds before we found this one: Confirming our point that a bathroom suite combining black and a bright colour requires care.

The guiding wisdom here is to check before you start painting that you like how the colour scheme will look. Try to see another bathroom with the same colours to see whether they look how you imagine or, failing that, use an online design tool to help you visualise.

Where to buy black bathroom suites?

A black bathroom suite is a bold choice, but it is definitely one that can yield huge payoff. Your friends will be taken aback when they open the bathroom door and head in, and it will prove to be a popular conversation piece.

In design, those who take chances are rewarded. While a black bathroom suite is far from “the norm,” it’s something you should not be afraid of exploring. By investing a bit of time, effort, and energy into the design process, you could be rewarded with a real show-stopper of a bathroom.

We’ve got a catalogue chock-full of bathroom fixtures, fittings, and accessories that will work a treat in a black suite. Head over to our homepage to browse our selection, and if you’ve got any questions about designing a bathroom suite – black or otherwise – drop us a line. One of our team will be happy to help.

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