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Visual inspiration for grey bathroom suites

Grey is an unsung hero of interior design. Ask people their favourite colour, and we’re confident grey would be quite an uncommon answer. But look in interior design guides, bathroom catalogues, and even inside your friend’s houses, and we bet it features fairly prominently.

And here’s why.

Grey goes with pretty much anything. Modern bathroom suite? Grey’s got you covered. Something a little more traditional? Grey works there too. Whether you want simple matt paint or deep, inviting textures of marble and wood – you guessed it. Grey works with all of them.

We like grey (in case you hadn’t noticed). We recommend it to our customers for their bathroom suites reasonably often. And we’ve written this blog post to show you why.

We’ll show you some fantastic grey bathroom suite designs, and equip you with the inspiration you need to revamp your suite with this unassuming but ever-present colour.

What does a grey bathroom suite look like?

Vibrant. Engaging. Interesting. A grey bathroom can be any of these things – it’s up to you.

We’ve said already that grey doesn’t need to be a dull colour. If your mental image of a grey bathroom suite is dull and uninspiring, check out this showcase of what you’re missing.

Here we have simple, clean-cut lines that lay the groundwork for a graceful and elegant grey bathroom suite. Although the dominant colour is grey, you’ll notice that the toilet, bath, and sink are white. When you’re designing a suite, this is fine. It’s the overall colour and aesthetic that you’re creating, meaning there’s more to it than just whacking grey fixtures in a white room.

Also note the hexagonal pattern on the wall and floor tiles: This is a good way of adding some subtle variety to the shapes and lines you see when entering the bathroom.


Grey definitely lends itself to modern design. This example of a grey bathroom suite uses a freestanding bath, bold hanging lamps, and a mirror with embedded lights to create a wholly modern aesthetic. Again, angular shapes are used to juxtapose the straight lines and to generate a bit of variety.

This bathroom suite makes good use of square shapes to enhance the modern feel, but with enough curvature that it doesn’t feel too modern.


As Christian Gray taught us, there are at least fifty shades of his namesake colour. When designing a grey bathroom suite, you’re not limited to one shade: In fact, we actively encourage using a palette of two or more. In the bathroom suite above, you can see how the feature wall uses several shades of grey to interact with and play off against the matt grey on the other wall. The fixtures are mounted in dark grey wood, immediately drawing attention toward them, and the floor sits somewhere in the middle of the palette.

In this bathroom suite, such use of shade removes reliance on any other colour: It’s quite a masterful design choice.

But if you do want to mix grey with other colours, you’re in luck as well. Grey bathroom suites can include pretty much any other colour and still look great. Above we see a lovely blue paired with grey, to create a gently nautical theme with grey taking the backseat. We’ve also seen grey and yellow, grey and orange, and even grey and green used to good effect.

When designing a bathroom suite of any colour, creativity is encouraged. Take risks. Use colour swabs and online design tools to visualise colour schemes that may not immediately stand out as obvious, and you may be very pleasantly surprised.


We’ve seen that matt grey works well, but this bathroom suite really pops thanks to its textured grey surfaces. Whether you like the look of slate, marble, or even wood, they’ll make a fantastic focal point for a grey bathroom suite. Note the natural flair in the picture above: Subtle tree branches to accentuate the theme and tie things together.

All of the grey bathroom suites we’ve featured so far have leaned toward modern. This image shows that the colour functions perfectly well in traditional bathroom suites, too. The sunken door, the embellished walls, and the very traditional styled taps: All of them sing in perfect harmony with a military grey colour scheme.

So if you’re wondering whether grey traditional bathroom suites can look good, the answer is a resounding “yes!”

What elements work well in a grey bathroom suite?

The images above give a good idea of which elements work well in a grey bathroom, but here’s a quick recap for reference, or in case you skimmed over that section.

In terms of fixtures – that is, toilet, bath, sink etc – white is always reliable. A grey bathroom suite will work with white fixtures or those in whichever shade of grey you choose as the centrepiece of your design. 

For materials and finishes, you’re not really restricted with grey. While some colours can look a bit loud when used with wood, marble, or stone – grey lends itself perfectly well to them, sometimes even occurring naturally. As we’ve seen: A lick of matt grey paint works a treat as well.

With accessories, you’ve got the option to be creative and flexible, thanks to grey’s ability to function as a neutral background colour even when it’s the focal part of your scheme. Natural greens and browns look good against grey, as do abstract and artistic oranges, blues, yellows, and pinks. 

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself when deciding which elements to include in your grey bathroom suite:

  • Do you want to go modern or traditional? This will determine whether you opt for bold, clean lines, or more decorative shapes. Modern vs traditional impacts everything from bath style to tap shape, and will influence which accessories you use to bring your bathroom suite to life.
  • Is grey the centrepiece or the accent? A very colourful bathroom suite can benefit from a few touches of grey to anchor things visually, and stop it feeling overwhelming. On the other hand, grey can be the central colour in your design, with just a few splashes of colour here and there to add variety. 

Are coloured bathroom suites back in fashion?

You probably remember your parent’s bathroom (or maybe your grandparent’s, depending on how old you are) from the 1960s or 70s. You’ll have seen bold colours: Pinks, greens, perhaps even yellows that would now probably be considered loud.

Then, for a couple of decades, the vast majority of bathrooms almost exclusively used white for fixtures and metal for fittings.

Now, however, fashion dictates that colour can be used again with confidence. While grey isn’t really a “colour” in the traditional sense, we’ve discussed how it can complement and even juxtapose colour. 

Where to buy grey bathroom suites?

If we’ve piqued your interest and you feel inspired to renovate your bathroom with a nifty grey suite, you’ll be pleased to know that we can help. Our catalogue includes hundreds of handpicked items from the ranges of some of Britain’s most renowned bathroom designers. We stock everything from toilets, sinks and baths, down to toilet roll holders, towel shelves, mirrors, and more.

In short – everything you need to get your bathroom looking exactly how you want it.

So, whether you’re going for a contemporary or traditional bathroom suite, and whether you want grey at the centre or as a subtle accent, we’ve got what you need to get your design underway.

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